Shetland Pony

Native Land Shetland Islands (Scotland)
Average Weight 250 lb
Average Height 3 ft (shoulder)
Diet Grasses & Small Shrubs

Native to the Shetland Islands of Scotland and residing in open highland and salt marsh areas, they subsist on an herbivore diet of grasses, small shrubs and tree leaves. They have varied color and markings from gray, brown, black, white chestnut and patchy. The harsh climate of the Shetland Islands has caused the pony to develop a compact muscular build with a double winter coat to protect it from extreme weather. Although the smallest of the horse family, the Shetland has the greatest strength for its size than any other member of the horse family. The Shetland Pony Club of America has limited the size of these ponies to 26 in. as the minimum and 46 in. as the maximum. Used as draft horses in their native lands, the Shetland pony can easily carry an adult or pull small carts. It has become a pet and hobby animal in other parts of the world.